The Mito Foundation was founded as a not for profit organisation in 2009 by Doug and Margie Lingard, their friends, and experts in the field of mitochondrial disease (mito). Doug and Margie tragically lost their son to mito, and their daughter, Rose, passed away from mito in 2017.

The organisation’s small team is based in Sydney and is supported by a dedicated band of volunteers across the country. Click here to view our dedicated team.


To be the pre-eminent source of energy and hope for the mito community


To support the mito community whilst seeking cures


Unrelenting: We work tirelessly and urgently to make a difference to those affected by mito.

Caring: We show empathetic support for everyone impacted by mito.

Professionalism: We are a peak body whose team members communicate effectively, and operate in an ethical and transparent manner at all times.

Gratitude: We are accountable for the support we receive at all levels by acknowledging and expressing gratitude for this support.

Lean: We optimise our resources to ensure that every dollar has maximum impact for the mitochondrial disease community.



Improve the experience of mito patients and families by offering a range of Mito Foundation and community generated activities that result in the mito community feeling cared for, heard, supported and empowered


Drive research into mito by identifying and funding strategic research initiatives that improve diagnosis and treatment, and translate into prevention and cures


Transform outcomes for mito patients and families by advocating to appropriate stakeholders that achieves equitable access to high quality diagnosis, treatment and support


Increase awareness and understanding of mito by educating the mito community and key decision makers in the wider community to make mito mainstream


Maintain and grow sustainable fundraising practices to enable and drive all of the Mito Foundation’s work