Support Services

The Mito Foundation’s vision is to be the pre-eminent source of energy and hope for the mito community. The Mito Foundation offers support services and educational materials for mito patients, their families and carers.

The Mito Foundation Helpline is a phone and email service that provides information and support to mito patients with a suspected or confirmed diagnosis, their families, and their carers. Find out more.


The Mito Foundation resources
aim to help patients, their family and carers and medical professionals understand mito, and provide information about living with mito. View our resource library.


The Community Equipment Exchange lists second hand equipment such as bathing chairs and wheelchairs. Find out more.


Mito Information Days are held annually in major Australian cities. They are a unique opportunity to hear from experts in mitochondrial medicine about the latest updates in research, treatment options, and disease management. Find out more.


The Mito Professionals Directory is a list of health professionals who have experience with mito patients. Find out more.


Mito Connect

Mito Connect is the Mito Foundation’s peer support initiative. It features services designed to connect you with others affected by mito. Once you join, one of our friendly staff will be in touch. Join today.

The Mito Foundation facilitates a Facebook group, which acts as a virtual support group. Anyone with a close connection to mito is welcome to join the group and share their experiences, post questions, and start discussions with others. Click to join.


Mito Connect Calls provide a virtual space for members of the mito community to connect with each other. We hope they will go a little way to ease the isolation that many people experience, whether due to geographical location and/or health issues. Find out more.


Support Groups enable mito patients to connect in person and share experiences with others who know what it is like to live with mito.  Support groups are held around the country, including following Mito Information Days. Find out more.


The Support Network consists of people who have been affected by mito in a variety of ways. Each person is happy to be contacted for a chat and to share experiences. Members of the network aren’t trained counsellors or medical professionals, but they do understand what it is like to live with mito, either as a patient or a carer. Find out more.