Mito Foundation Resources


The Mito Foundation Resources

Our resource libraries are updated regularly. Bookmark our resources pages to stay up to date with the latest information about mitochondrial disease, living with mito, and mitochondrial donation.

Plus 100 x 100The Mito Resources library provides information on mitochondrial disease for patients and medical professionals.


Plus 100 x 100The Living with Mito resource library provides information to help manage mitochondrial disease, including lifestyle changes, accessing support and insurance, and talking to people about mito.


Plus 100 x 100The School Education resource library contains information for parents with school-aged children affected by mito, and their teachers and carers.


Plus 100 x 100The Mito Information Day resource library contains presentations and slides from our Mito Information Days. Learn more about Mito Information Days here.


Plus 100 x 100The Mitochondrial Donation resource library provides information on mitochondrial donation, an IVF technique that may prevent the transmission of mitochondrial disease from mother to child.


For other support and counselling resources provided by third parties, click here.