Mito Quilts of Hope Australia

It can be a traumatic and lonely time for sufferers and their family being diagnosed or having a child

A quilt made for a young mito patient

A quilt made for a young mito patient

diagnosed with mito. Margaret Cuthbertson, as well as her two adult children, suffers with mito. This experiences inspired her to start the Mito Quilts of Hope project in Australia in 2014 with help from the North of the Yarra Quilters Guild. The Victorian group, modelled on a similar one in Canada, hopes to raise public awareness of mitochondrial disorders and provide comfort for mito patients.

The thought is that each stitch brings hope for treatment and a cure, while each completed quilt provides warmth and comfort for someone who is ill. The quilts come in either adult or cot size.
“We send sufferers a beautiful quilt so they know we are thinking about them. It’s something special that’s been made with them in mind”, says Margaret.

If you would like a quilt or know someone who might like one, please contact or ring the Mito Foundation office on 02 8033 4113