The Mito Foundation Booster Grant – Bridging the Gap in Research Funding

David R. Thorburn headshot

Professor David Thorburn and his team at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have secured funding for the next three years to continue vital research into an improved diagnostic technique for mito.

The research involves using a combination of advanced calculations, studies of DNA, Ribonucleic acid (RNA) and proteins, plus studies of patient stem cells to identify the cells most affected by mito.

This ground-breaking work will define new strategies to achieve a near 100 per cent diagnosis for mito patients. A faster, conclusive diagnosis will enable patients to access specialist care sooner and potentially avoid years of anguish and painful, invasive tests.

Last year the project narrowly missed out on funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

A Mito Foundation Booster Grant enabled the project to continue and after another year of progress, the team reapplied to the NHMRC, this time securing the three-year grant.

“The Mito Foundation Booster Grant was enormously helpful in bridging a funding gap. We are now able to expand these studies over the next three years to define approaches that can maximise the diagnosis of mitochondrial disease, enabling patients to access specialist care sooner”¬†commented Professor Thorburn.