Corporate Partnership


The Mito Foundation benefits from strong partnerships from within the corporate sector, and we strive to continue building these critical relationships and sponsors.

One of its main purposes is to provide support and practical information that will improve the quality of life for sufferers and their families.

The Mito Foundation wants to raise the profile of this debilitating disease among the medical profession and society at large. The support of the Australian philanthropic community will be essential to fulfil its ultimate aim, a cure.

There are several reasons why a Corporation — or anyone for that matter — should give to the mito community:

  • Doing so can help to alleviate suffering and provide hope. Mito diseases are heartbreaking – they are progressive, slowly eroding a person’s quality of life and reducing life expectancy.
  • It will fill a proven gap. It is hard for researchers to get funding from government, industry and community sources as mito is little known & poorly understood. For such diseases – philanthropy is vital.
  • It will help support an important knowledge industry for our country. Australia is a world leader in medical research in mitochondrial medicine.
  • It may find the key to more common health issues. Researching mito diseases will give insight into more common ones such as cardiovascular disease, autism, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and even aging.
  • While individual mito mutations may be rare, collectively they affect tens of thousands of children & adults in Australia alone.  Indeed, no disease is rare when it affects someone you love.
  • The Mito Foundation has minimum administrative costs because many of our overheads (such as office space, legal and auditing advice) is provided free of charge, so you know that your donation is going where it is needed most.


What the Mito Foundation can offer a corporation:
  • Inclusion on the Mito Foundation website
  • Profile in the Mito Foundation newsletter
  • Exposure at annual the Mito Foundation fund raising events
  • Naming rights to the Mito Foundation research grants
  • Naming rights to specific items of research or patient support
  • Exposure at Medical & Scientific exhibitions & conferences
  • Advertising or exposure on the nationwide patient registry for mito diseases
  • The Mito Foundation is happy to provide acknowledgment in company media releases should you want to promote your partnership in the broader community.


Also, supporting the Mito Foundation will help you:
  • Make an impact on your community by supporting Australians in need. Many Mito patients are young children & helping them helps us all.
  • Build your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors through your support of the Mito Foundation.
  • Build trust in your organisation by aligning with us and our cause.
  • Inspire pride in your employees by giving back to the community.
  • Become involved in fund raising events including events such as Stay in Bed Day, and the Mito Foundation Information Days


To discuss corporate donation or partnership opportunities please contact Sean Murray at